Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rock Climbing in Sagada

Have you tried rock climbing? Me? I have only done wall climbing. It’s my first time to try it and to think it’s in Sagada and not a man-made one, which most of us have tried, I am really excited.
After trekking to Big Falls, we went straight to the rock climbing site since it is already getting dark. It is time to use those muscles.. hahaha! Natural rock climbing, let's get it on!
The site is located near Echo Valley and it requires a little trekking to reach the site. You'll know when you're there when a cliff that is about 40 feet high welcomes you. We paid Php250 each to have the opportunity to climb the rock. There is no time limit and no limit as to how many times you want to try it. Nice! However, it also depends if there are many adventurers in the queue. Of course, you want to give them their chance.

Karlo went first and we can't believe he did it. hehehe. Peace! Gloria and Cherry came next.
Weng was the 4th one to try who unfortunately was unable to reach even 3 meters above the ground. Hahaha! Better luck next time. She needs more practice to gain strength.
As the cliché goes, save the best for last. I never imagined I will reach the top. Woohoooo! Here's a series of pictures taken while I climb the rock. The closer I get to the top, the smaller I get, the harder you'll be able to see me. :)
Rappeling to go down.

Until then!

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