Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Falls

Have you seen waterfalls, heard the sound of music they produce, and wonder how it feels to be at the edge of it and fall with the water like in a movie?

I have always wanted to see Maria Cristina Falls in Lanao and Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna. I know those since I was in elementary through books. But unfortunately, I have never been there until now… still on my bucket list… but not the falling part. I think it only happens in movies. :)

Although I have not seen those two yet, I can say that seeing Big Falls in Sagada is very fulfilling.. One of the many words to describe the feeling is “refreshing” or should I say "spectacular."

I am not used to trek on mountains so what would you expect? A should-be one hour trek doubled.. My knees are shiverring while walking because of tiredness.. But, the beautiful and breathtaking views of rice terraces, native huts, local people, pine trees, mixed with the cold and fresh air kept me to continue and reach our destination.

Thank God, halfway along the way are vendors of chips and water. So, we bought our next set of bottled water and continued walking.

However, the water we bought were not enough. I am so thirsty and tired upon reaching the falls. And after trekking for almost 2 hours, just the sight of it is already rewarding. Water! water! hehe. The cold water and the sound of falling water is very relaxing. I almost forgot my thirst and tiredness.

We didn't swim.. because... the water is so cold! So, we just took pictures, rest, and enjoy the relaxing sound and sight of Big Falls.

After regaining our energy, we headed back to the starting point and hurried to catch rock climbing. And on our way, we came accross an ice cream vendor and tried ice cream on stick. It is delicious of course. I think everything in Sagada is great, especially the food. :-)
I will never forget you Sagada... especially you, Big Falls. You made my legs ache. hahaha!

Until then!



  1. We miss Sagada too, Christian. The place is so serene and beautiful.

    Dibale lakwatsera de primera, meron pa naman next time. :)

    Balik tayo dun! :D


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