Wednesday, April 4, 2007

While on the Road - 1st Day of Our Sagada Trip

This was our first trip together. It was one week long, two days of which were spent travelling on the road.
We are supposed to be booked with Cable Tours. Unfortunately, the bus company said that due to the volume of passengers, they will no longer have advance booking and will just do a first come first serve basis on the date of travel. Well, to be able to buy tickets for two, I went to Cable Tours terminal at 6am. I also met two other passengers who were informed the same way that it will be a first come first serve basis. So, I wake up early on that day just to get disappointed....
Oh well... S*#+ happens. They said that there were no more seats available as all were already booked. F*#@*## S*@*! They have our contact numbers. They should have informed us!!
Okay, no more of the bad vibes.. I need to have another option. Besides, they are not the only bus company that can bring us to Sagada. Bembem’s flight is at 1:50 in the afternoon so I still have time to reserved tickets going to Baguio. Then from there, I actually do not know what’s next .. haha! Nothing to worry, we can always ask for directions :)
So, I went to Victory Liner bus terminal in Pasay and reserved tickets for an 8:00pm trip. I then go to the airport to fetch Bem. It was his first time to go to Manila so it is my duty to guide him and of course, I am so excited to see him again!
From the airport, we went straight to Victory Liner terminal in Pasay. It was a really tiring day but our excitement is more powerful than the tiredness we felt. We ate dinner and waited until the hour of our trip. 8pm came and our road trip to Baguio started. It was only a 5-hour trip as there is no traffic travelling at night. So we arrived in Baguio at 1am. We asked around and they said that first trip of buses going to Sagada starts at 5:30am. So, we slept (not really) and waited at the terminal until 4am.
At 4am, we went to bus terminal to be amazed by the number of travellers already waiting for the first trip. So, we fall in line just like the others, and waited and waited and waited. Yey! 5:30 came and the buses are now accepting passengers. At 5:47, the long travel started. We are going to sit there for 7 hours!!! Okay, just hoping that what we’ve gone through are all worth it. And seeing the views going there? We believe it's all worth it!
By the way, did I mention that my friend, Karlo and his co-dancers were in Sagada? They came 1 day ahead of us and were already waiting for us to arrive there.
Sagada, here we come! :)


  1. Sagada is very nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing your travel details here with us. I like to read this.

  2. I had never visited Sagada but after reading your post I feel that I have been there. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.


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