Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rock Climbing in Sagada

Have you tried rock climbing? Me? I have only done wall climbing. It’s my first time to try it and to think it’s in Sagada and not a man-made one, which most of us have tried, I am really excited.
After trekking to Big Falls, we went straight to the rock climbing site since it is already getting dark. It is time to use those muscles.. hahaha! Natural rock climbing, let's get it on!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Falls

Have you seen waterfalls, heard the sound of music they produce, and wonder how it feels to be at the edge of it and fall with the water like in a movie?

I have always wanted to see Maria Cristina Falls in Lanao and Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna. I know those since I was in elementary through books. But unfortunately, I have never been there until now… still on my bucket list… but not the falling part. I think it only happens in movies. :)

Although I have not seen those two yet, I can say that seeing Big Falls in Sagada is very fulfilling.. One of the many words to describe the feeling is “refreshing” or should I say "spectacular."

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sumaguing Cave and Hanging Coffins - Sagada

After  more than 12 hours of travelling on the road and many hours of waiting... Do we still have the energy? Of course!!! :)
The cool breeze of air... pine trees... small town.. rice terraces.. mountains.. locals.. serene place.. These are just some of the many things that gave us the energy we needed.
And our first destination? Sumaguing Cave and hanging coffins!!! Go go go spelunking!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

While on the Road - 1st Day of Our Sagada Trip

This was our first trip together. It was one week long, two days of which were spent travelling on the road.
We are supposed to be booked with Cable Tours. Unfortunately, the bus company said that due to the volume of passengers, they will no longer have advance booking and will just do a first come first serve basis on the date of travel. Well, to be able to buy tickets for two, I went to Cable Tours terminal at 6am. I also met two other passengers who were informed the same way that it will be a first come first serve basis. So, I wake up early on that day just to get disappointed....
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