Sunday, March 9, 2008

anawangin-capones island adventure

have you wondered how much we spent in our adventure trip to anawangin cove and capones island?

below you will find our itinerary and the expenses we incurred.

really really cheap!

capones island

Do you think our adventure stopped in Anawangin?

Of course not! There is a secluded island just nearby and our feet were not yet tired. So, the morning after, we packed our bags and got ready for a long trek going up to the lighthouse. 

“More energy, mas happy” sabi nga sa commercial. So, with our energized minds and body, we headed right away to Capones Island...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

snowy anawangin cove

Do you know a place here in the Philippines where it snows?

Hmmm.. With our tropical climate, hot and rainy seasons, you wouldn’t think that it will even snow here, huh?

So, where do you think we took this picture? :)
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