Saturday, March 8, 2008

snowy anawangin cove

Do you know a place here in the Philippines where it snows?

Hmmm.. With our tropical climate, hot and rainy seasons, you wouldn’t think that it will even snow here, huh?

So, where do you think we took this picture? :)

The place is just 4 hours away from Manila. We took a bus in Caloocan going to San Antonio town in Zambales. Then got off the bus and went to the nearest market to buy fresh fish and fruits that we could eat at the beach. And then, two tricycles fetch us from there and then drove us to Pundakit Beach.

From Pundakit beach, a boat and a nice boatman brought us to a snowy cove called Anawangin. Well, actually it is not a snow. It only looks like one because of its white appearance in pictures.
So, if it is not snow, what is it then? When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, tons of volcanic ashes fell on the cove’s area that mixed with the white sand so it has its share of the fine grey sand in Anawangin. That is how nature acts and collaborates to give us perfect and beautiful scenery. Along the way, a lot of beautiful rock formations will also be seen.
I could say that we are lucky to witness Anawangin Cove last 2008 when it was still virgin and not yet commercialized. So, when we reach our destination, we settle down, ate lunch, and set up our tent and camping site. Did I mention pictures? How can we forget that...

All are just spectacular in Anawangin including the sky full of stars during the night... The pine trees that give shade to the campers and travelers... The river and the mountain area where we could trek...The pristine beauty of its sand and water...  the sunset and the rocks... corny jokes, laughter, fireflies, cool wind, and cool friends... 

Life is so lovely, isn’t it? :)



  1. This is a nice place where you can unwind and have camping with your barkadas and friends. Anawangin is the place to be for a wonderful adventure.

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