Saturday, February 16, 2008

Taal - Cute Little Volcano

When you go to Tagaytay, aside from the cold weather, the main attraction is the view of Taal Volcano, known to be the smallest active volcano in the world. And while looking at it, have you wondered how it looks like on a closer perspective and what's in it?

It is cited in the Philippines as the world's largest island within a lake, on an island, within a lake on an island. Again again again... A Vulcan Point within crater lake, on Taal island, within Lake Taal, on the island of Luzon. Isn't it interesting?

So, 3 years ago, we opted to see what has always been seen from a distance. From Taft, Manila, we rode a bus going to Tanauan City, Batangas. And from Tanauan we rode a tricyle going to jeepney terminal headed to Talisay Municipal Hall. From there, just a short tricycle ride to the boat stations, we haggled for our boat fare going to our destination. We were able to get it for P1,000 (this was in year 2008). So, I would say, the many the merrier, and the cheaper as well. Hehe. From the island of Luzon, we crossed Taal Lake to go to Taal Island.
It has been a very bumpy boat ride that there is no chance you'll never get wet. Good thing we brought extra clothes with us.
there it is!
When we reached Taal, there are lots of horses that will take you to its crater. You can either ride a horse or walk and have an asthma attack because of dusts caused by the running horses. We chose to pay P350 each and had the best horseback ride of our life (so far).

At the top, we can now see the volcano's crater lake and the bubbles around it created by its hot temperature. We drank buko juice, rest, took pictures and enjoyed the view.

Until then! :)



  1. gusto ko rin mapuntahan yan!

    thanks for dropping by my blog po. =)

  2. tara na at maglakad! hehe.

    i love visiting at your site, christian. ang gaganda ng kuha mo. :)

  3. Salamat po! Pag pumunta jan maglalakad ako, parang mas masaya kesa magkabayo. =P

  4. hahaha! pwede! :D ok din pag marami kayo para mas masaya maglakad. :)

  5. Nice post. I hope you enjoyed your trip alot. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us! I will definitely a plan to visit this beautiful place with my family.


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