about us :)


it's nice to know you got interested to know who we are.
well, first and foremost, we would like to "thank you" for visiting our blog.
you do not know how much we appreciate that. :)

okay.. so.. yes,we love to travel. (and we guess you do too)
that's why our blog is all about our adventures and misadventures as well.

we love going places.
to places where we've never been to,
and places where we want to go back.

we want to travel around the world (and if possible, to ride a spaceship and go outer space! hehe)
we want to meet new people and learn their culture,
to eat good food, healthy, unhealthy, exotic, native, etc.

we want to experience new things, reach the top of the mountains,
paddle with the rapids, swim with the fishes, and glide in the air,
to run with the crowd, and laugh with the people we meet along the way.
 to travel.. to eat.. to have fun..
to reach our dreams.. to go anywhere we want.. :)

so, enjoy reading and hope to see you in one of our travels! ;)

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