Sunday, March 9, 2008

capones island

Do you think our adventure stopped in Anawangin?

Of course not! There is a secluded island just nearby and our feet were not yet tired. So, the morning after, we packed our bags and got ready for a long trek going up to the lighthouse. 

“More energy, mas happy” sabi nga sa commercial. So, with our energized minds and body, we headed right away to Capones Island...

Our boat, however, ran out of energy. In the middle of the sea, our boat stopped. Fortunately, the boatman brought extra gallon of gasoline. And so, the adventure continues! :)
The sea was also not calm on that day and we had a hard time getting into and off the boat. But, with all the problems we encountered, we were still excited to see what’s waiting for us. An island, with a view of the sea on the right and mountain on the left... the big white stones we'll pass along our way... a sight of the sea from the top of the lighthouse... What a remarkable and spectacular view and feeling! 

After a long trek full of taking a lot of pictures, we finally reached the lighthouse.

By the way, click here to see our itinerary and budget. Would you believe that we only spent less that P1,000 each for this trip?

We recommend you visit these places – Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. A must see for any traveler who loves adventure, camping, swimming, and nature. A budget travel for any backpacker.

Until then! :)



  1. Interesting share. It seems that you guys had a great time there. Lovely pictures.

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