Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sumaguing Cave and Hanging Coffins - Sagada

After  more than 12 hours of travelling on the road and many hours of waiting... Do we still have the energy? Of course!!! :)
The cool breeze of air... pine trees... small town.. rice terraces.. mountains.. locals.. serene place.. These are just some of the many things that gave us the energy we needed.
And our first destination? Sumaguing Cave and hanging coffins!!! Go go go spelunking!

After getting off the bus, we first looked for the nearest place to eat and have our lunch.
Then, we go to Parish Center (supposedly St. Jo, but they were overbooked) to leave our bags and check in. After 20min of rest, we then went out to see Karlo, Gloria, and Cherry.
The first step to go around Sagada is to register at their Municipal Hall. So, from there, we asked for tours and guides that will bring us to our destinations.
Excited as we were, and Sagada being famous for their caves, we put Sumaguing as our first destination. These pictures will tell you our spelunking adventure. So, enjoy and experience Sumaguing cave!
The feeling after surviving Sumaguing cave was great! The stalactites and stalagmites that took thousands of years to form were really magnificent.. We think that a visit to Sagada will never be complete without exploring the cave.

We promised to do cave connection the next time we come back to the place.
After caving, we still have time to get a side trip to see the hanging coffins.
Tempting to open the coffins to see what's inside? No.. Give respect to their bodies and soul. And besides.. I can't. hihi!

Until tomorrow! :)


  1. Nice places miss weng,continue to travel and show us more beautiful places here in PINAS..go go go sis.mwahhhhh

  2. go go go ms neri! tara libot tayo! :)

  3. Wow! That cave looks so cool. Did you feel a bit scared in the tight spaces though?

  4. Hi Lori! Yes, Sumaguing cave is so great! We felt excited getting in the tight spaces :) What I got scared of is when there is water and we have to dip our body.. 'coz I do not know how to swim and the water is so cold... brrr.

    Thanks for dropping by our blog, Lori! :)

  5. I've been to the Sumaguing cave 4 times and it never ceases to excite and amaze me. Every time I go there I'm with a different set of friends and I love watching their reactions (scared and fun) as they go through the cave. I love your photos. They capture what it's like to be there.


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