Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Night at Dampalitan

If you know Anawangin Cove in Zambales, Dampalitan is something similar to it because of the pine trees... The sand is not that fine unlike in Puting Buhangin and Borawan but it is where you can enjoy swimming especially when you're going during the rainy season...

They have a designated area where there is a net so that visitors will be able to swim without getting afraid of being bitten by a jelly fish.
Okay, since we are going to stay overnight on this island, we went here right after Puting Buhangin and pass by this rock formation. You can actually see two rocks on your way to any of these three islands.
Have I also mentioned that 6 of us have no sleep yet when we went there? That is why Bembem slept in the boat on our way to Dampalitan... no matter what position it takes him.. haha.
...and Kentoy upon arriving at the island already set his hammock up and got asleep.
This is the first cottage that was offered to us for P700. But because of negotiation skills of our friend Mika, he was able to lower it down to P500. Do you believe that 8 of us can fit into this cottage? Yeah, unless we will be sleeping standing. Good thing though that there are no other visitors on that day. With the caretaker's good heart, she let us use the other cottage that is a lot bigger than this one... so here is our 5-star cottage. :)

While the boys sleep, the girls enjoy. :) Ooops, Bun-i is also with us... to take pictures.. He's the official photographer that afternoon. Swim... snorkle... wander around... It is fun fun fun under the rain!
This one was taken the morning after. I am amazed by the shape formed by the reflection of the rising sun's light on the water.
Until then!


  1. Very nice place to enjoy memorable holiday. The pictures are really very nice and tells that the place is really very beautiful and visit worthy.

  2. Nice post. Looks like you enjoyed a lot over there. This place is good for holidays. I like to read the post and the pictures too. Thank you very much for sharing this here with us.

  3. Wow this place is amazing! Pictures are really awesome. I hope you enjoyed a lot. I wish; one day i will get a chance to go there with my friends.

  4. wow very nice pictures i love it..what a amazing trip..
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