Saturday, May 14, 2016

At This Age

Early 30's.. That is where we are now. Some are already successful and have achieved their dreams. Some are still working towards their goal and little by little are achieving them. Some already have their own family, while some are still waiting for that special someone. Some have already travelled around the world, and some are still searching for the right path to take. No matter what, our lives have already changed since we were kids. 

And with us growing, of course our parents, aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandpas are also getting older. We might have been focused so much on ourselves and our dreams that we have forgotten that they too are getting old. 

We will get reminded of how much we missed when time comes that they get sick or die because of illness or old age. 

My lolo Bido past away last Friday. He was the husband of my grandma's youngest sister. He was sick since 2 years ago and I just learned about it last week. 🙁 He was bed-ridden all the while and when we visited him, he was very pale, and thin and silently sleeping. 

I can still remember when we were young. He is that fat little jolly loud man who used to be my father's drinking buddy everytime there is an occassion like birthdays and fiestas. He used to be in charge of grilling the lechon in those occassions. So, when I saw him sick like that, my heart broke.

He is just one of those many that I value. But after so many years of living my life, I have forgotten that they still exist. I don't like reunions and family gatherings, that is why I am not updated with what is going on with their lives. It's just sad and heart breaking to hear these kinds of news. 😢

At this age, we can say that we have already achieved what we've wished for several years ago. But, there are still some in our bucket list that are still in progress. While we are busy living our lives and getting what we want, I hope that we don't forget the people that matter to us especially our family. Remember that they are not just important.. They are our everything.


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