Sunday, August 10, 2014


I am reading a sad chapter of a story now.. about a girl who became a stripper just to save her mother who got cancer. After 2 years, the cancer came back and this time, there is no cure and her mom decided to just stay at home and spend her remaining days with them. (Arix's "The Stripper" in Wattpad). Well, this chapter made my tears flow like a river. (T_T)

Why do I have plenty of water supply in my tear ducts? I am really a crying baby that's for sure.

Well, when it comes to family, I can't help myself but be so emotional and carried away especially when it comes to losing someone you love.

Of course who wouldn't be, right?

I am afraid to lose my parents. I love them so much.. I love my nanay and tatay. They are always there for me. The unconditional love you can't find from anyone but from your parents. Through ups and downs, they are with me. Although I am not living with them, I can't imagine my life without them. It even came to a point that I've thought of how I wanted to die. It has to be me first so I won't feel the pain of losing them.

That is why when I watch tv or movie, read a book, or listen and see the real life of my friends, I easily get attached. 

I have friends who lost their parents and loved ones - Ms. Flor's papa, Mika's inay, Linda's husband, Sheva's papa... When I learned about the passing of their beloved parents and better half, I cried a lot. I know how painful it is for them. I know how much they love them. I know how much they wished they had more time to spend with them. 

Ooops, forgive me, I do not know exactly the sadness they felt. I haven't experienced that and I do not want to experience that either. Maybe it was a hundred or thousand folds more.

But, they are now in a nicer place with Him. They are no longer in pain. Isn't it better? Bittersweet huh?

I've read this somewhere.. That when someone you love is taken away from you, the way to make them live is to just keep on loving them.

So let's continue loving them. Let us make the people who are still around us feel loved. They are not getting any younger, let's pray for good health and long life. Let us spend time with them as long as we can. Let us make them feel the happiness they so deserved. Let us make those tears, tears of joy. ♡

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