Monday, November 9, 2015

Are We Getting Old Already?

We met 8 years ago. Still young.. Full of energy.. enthusiasm.. and wonder. Always looking for new things, unfamiliar places, and breathtaking adventures. 

We've colored our maps and been to different places. We are still excited to try out new things. But.. there's that big BUT... Sometimes, we just wanted to stay at home. To spend time with family. To rest after a weeklong's work. To just do nothing. To just eat, sleep, and eat. Staycation it is!

So, are we already getting old? Do our bodies get easily tired now? I would say, yes and no. Yes, we are already past the calendar days, but there's still lotto! 😀 Yes, our knees and back get tired easily, but we still have that energy and faculty of wonder to wander around and go places. 

Let's just say that sometimes, we just wanted to relax and be pampered at the comfort of our home.. to spend time with our family. And just like what we always hear, no matter where you go, no matter how posh and elegant your hotel room is, there's still no place like HOME where your mother will cook your favorite food and you eat it with bare hands. 🏡

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