Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duka Bay Resort Escapade

I am from Cagayan de Oro. I was a riverguide for the first whitewater rafting company in the Philippines until I went to Manila primarily because of Weng and of course to try my luck. I am also a member of an organization that is nature oriented. I help protect and preserve nature. I used to climb mountains, do spelunking and play percussion for a modern ethnic band playing earth music. But I am not totally a musician... just a wannabe, and now a wannabe magician as well. I am also fond of mountain biking.
Yes, you are on the right page. This is not an About Me page. So why am I saying things about myself? I do not know. Haha! I just want to tell that even though I came from CDO, was in the tourism industry, and nature lover, still I have not explored all of what my province has to offer...
Maybe that is what’s not good about us. We tend to explore other places when in fact there are so many great places just around us. We dream of going out of the country instead of discovering how beautiful our own country is. We want to go out of town even though we have not discovered our own town yet.
I would like to put here the different places you can go to when you are in CDO but I think I will have to reserve that for another post. What I would like to write here is the recent place we went to with my family.  This is our first time to be here so we’re excited to see what’s there waiting for us.
So what’s the place? It’s Duka Bay Resort located in Medina, Misamis Oriental. From Cagayan de Oro City, it is more than 2 hours of travel by land. Since we don’t have our own transportation, we went to Agora terminal and rode a bus bound to Butuan and told the conductor to drop us off at Duka Bay Resort. We were not lost as the Resort is just along the hi-way. One way bus fare costs Php180.00.
The entrance fee is Php50 per head at day and Php60 at night. If you’ll stay overnight, the entrance fee is waived but the cheapest accommodation is Php2310 good for 4 persons with 2 complimentary breakfast. Extra person will have an extra charge of Php340. Since we want my parents to relax, we opted to stay overnight. But if you want a cheaper one, I recommend a day tour/swimming since they don’t have a pool where you can spend swimming at night, just the beach. Oh before I forget, bringing of food inside the resort is not allowed. They have a restaurant where complete meal ranges from Php180-300 without drinks. For more information (updated), you can visit them online at www.dukabay.com. 
So, what were our activities?
What else... picture taking and swimming! :)
We also did fish feeding riding a small banca (they call it baruto in Visaya) but we had a hard time seeing the fishes because of the rain.  Also, since there is a portion of the beach where freshwater merge with the saltwater, the rain caused the water to become brown.
Early in the morning on the next day, Weng jog around the resort while waiting for the sun to rise.
Overlooking Camiguin Island

Had breakfast, then rode on their glass boat for Php550 for 30minutes. An alternative to snorkeling.
Then swimming again and again...
You can also do snorkeling, kayaking and diving.
Until then!


  1. wow! I would love to see a lot of nemo! :D Nice post! :D

  2. Nice post! Thanks for sharing your out standing experience with us. I loved the pictures. These pictures are enough to tell that how wonderful and beautiful place it is.

  3. Thank you for sharing your memorable experience with your family. Have you try to do kayak in the resort? If not, you must! For you to experience how amazing kayak in the Philippines are.

  4. "We tend to explore other places when in fact there are so many great places just around us. We dream of going out of the country instead of discovering how beautiful our own country is." Guilty with this line of yours. Hahaha We've been here also for the company outing.

  5. We went at Duka Bay last Saturday. We experience clear waters and live coral reefs. We tried the glass boat and was amazed by the life underwater. The place was wonderful with a lot of water activiities to choose from.


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