Monday, May 30, 2011

isdaan rainy day experience

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “isdaan”? What else? Of course, anything related to fishes. But, have you thought of going to Isdaan to see big statues and feel like you’re in a different country like Thailand?
When we first saw the pictures of our friends with these statues, we thought it was not here in the Philippines. That intrigued us to visit the place. Fresh Catch Isdaan, The Halfway to the North Floating Resto-Park is located in Gerona, Tarlac. And with us coming from Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija, it would just be a few hours travel...We are excited to go to Isdaan not because of the food. We would just like to see the park and take pictures. But of course, who wouldn’t want the food huh? Not us. Hehe!However, the weather is not cooperating with us. It rained just after we arrived. So please pardon us for a lousy picture of their front signage taken while running under the rain towards the restaurant...
These are the pictures we took while waiting for our food to be served.
Take some pose with their life-sized human displays.
We actually do not know what these are. Maybe they are human symbolizing fishes? We don't know. Just look at their mouth. :)
A shot at their big big MENU.
Fish foods are free so don't forget to ask their staff for some so you can feed the fishes.
Catch them all!
How about a good laugh with Erap? :)
He is sitted at the main waiting area to welcome every guests.
And these, on the other hand, are the pictures we’ve taken under the rain. Unfortunately, the rain did not allow us to take pictures with the whole gang... I mean, with nanay, tatay (mother, father),ditseng gonyang (aunt) and kuyang muring (uncle) who cannot go out in the rain and get wet. So after eating, they just waited for us and were only able to see what’s inside the park through the pictures that we took.
Do you want to release your anger? Buy plates, cups or even a television.
Throw them with all your might and shout Tacsiyapo!!!!!!!

Some balancing act needed to cross the bridge while carrying a pail of water. And when you don't fell off the water? Congratulations! Here's your 1 kilo of fish! :)
We will try this on our next visit.
This is the bridge that you have to cross to win that 1 kilo of fish.
But the prize is not important. Try this for fun! :)
Our goal. ;)
I'm singin' in the rain... I'm singing in the rain..
One of them. haha!
Biker? Kids? Great!
We will come back again... when it is not rainy season so we could enjoy everything the place has to offer.
Until then!


  1. miss u guys, kailan tayu magkikita kita ulit? good to see u here... kulit ni ERAP!!! hehe

  2. kelan pa ba tyo huling nagkita? napakatagal na... :( baka nag aaral na c aedon.. laf.

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    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.
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  4. korek Christian! hehehe. napansin ko nga umuulan lagi everytime naglilibot kami. haha.

  5. Wow! you have posted so amazing pictures and blog, I really liked it, thanks for sharing your wonderful blog.
    i am waiting for your new things......

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  7. Incredible! The pictures are lovely. Amazing place, i would love to be there.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us!


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