Friday, January 14, 2011

pearl farm

We went to Davao last January of this year and we were so excited to be at the largest city of the Philippines. What we do not know is that there’s more waiting for us on our second day there.

Yes, we’ve done our research and saw pictures of Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the Internet. But, we didn’t expect what we’ve seen and experienced... the place is really really really awesome!!! And the service is really fantastic! You’ll experience the best service you’ll have...

Well, we booked our flight 7 months prior to our travel date paying only P300+. That is already a round trip fare for the two of us and our itinerary was Manila to Davao then to CDO back to Manila. Can you imagine that? Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s Zero Fare promo. Our airfare is even cheaper than the terminal fee at the airport!
Okay, so what we availed was a Day Tour package with the resort and that costs us Php1550 each. The package includes the following:
1. Boat to and from the island resort situated at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal
Mini thirst quencher while on the boat.
2. Buffett lunch (tasty and delicious food... super sarap! super sulit! super busog! burpppp...)

3. Use of resort amenities
A nice view of Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines.

It is so fun to watch these fishes and feed them.

And yes, of course, if you do not want to walk, you can ride on this
electric vehicle to wander around the island... for free!
You’ll get what you’ve paid for and it’s even better!
So if you would love to go and experience the beauty of Pearl Farm Beach Resort, you can book your trip directly with them. Here is the link to their site and below are their contact numbers:
  • Manila office - (632) 750 1896 / 750 1898 / 893 2093
  • Pearl Farm - (6382) 221 9970
  • Davao office - (63 82) 235-0876, 234-0601
This is free advertising huh? :) Yes. That is how happy we are with their service. :)
By the way, just a piece of advise... If you have enough time and if you can book your trip on a weekday, that would be perfect as the weekday rate is Php450 cheaper compared to weekends which is Php2000. Then, you can use that extra 450 Pesos you saved for other activities like kayaking or snorkelling. You can even have a relaxing shoulder and back massage for only Php200.
You'll hear the sound of waterfalls that gives a relaxing
ambience while you are having your massage.
Try kayaking for it will give you the opportunity to wander around
the island on a different perspective. Plus, it's a good exercise as well!
This one though, we have not tried. We only took pictures as if we are riding it.
And don't forget to buy pearls from these vendors.
You can haggle to as much as you want. But don't negotiate too much..
They, too, need to earn for a living.
Until then! :)


  1. I've never been to Davao. Ang ganda! Great blog! =)

  2. Hi Teng! Thanks for visiting our blog! :) Uu, maganda sa Davao! book na! hehe. That's one of our top 3 best destinations so far. :)

  3. Putting this on my bucket list for next year!! =)

  4. ate weng!!!!! i am so inggit!!! what do you think about guimaras islands? let me know!! ~ela

  5. I Loove Pearl Flight! :)
    Pls visit my blog too!

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