Monday, March 8, 2010

puerto galera

Summer is just around the corner and I bet you are already looking forward for a beachy escapade. But... your budget is limiting you to stay inside your cube! Or you don't have time to take a time off...

Well, don't you know that not all travels are expensive? And not all require you to take an extra 2 or 3 days off from your work... 
Last year, me and Bem went to Puerto Galera along with our 4 other friends. We stayed at Lan Sei Resort and I can say that the place is beautiful. There are only few people staying there at that time so we had a chance to fully utilize the facilities the resort provides (videoke, billiard, and swimming pool). Did I mention that their food is also great? Yes it is! Very delicious yet cheap. Even cheaper than when you are going to eat at the restaurants near the shore.

Oh well, let's skip the details and let's go directly to our itinerary. It is a two-day trip (overnyt) for the 6 of us. You can see below our IT and the actual amount we spent. Each cost was divided among the 6 of us so you'll have a good feel of how much each person would have to prepare. 

Please note, however, that these are March 2010 prices. I am sure that the prices changed or should I say increased... and I am sure you know why...

I hope this will be helpful to you. Just ignore the TIPs we gave to our tour guide (and don't say that we are kuripot (close-fisted). We are just budgeting what we have. :) 

And would you agree that we love to eat? Look below... :)

By the way, there are lots of accommodations in Puerto Galera that you can choose from that are cheap. But if you want a nice place to stay, we would recommend Lan-Sei Resort. The place and the service is very nice. Trust us.

Can you also see Matador below? Haha! Yes, it's a brandy. :)



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