Monday, February 14, 2011

happy hearts day!

A heart that is as hard as stone.
Oh yeah, it is really a stone found on
our way to Capones Island lighthouse.
Feb 14 is really fast approaching. And what’s with the date?
Looking at a usual calendar, it is “St. Valentine’s Day”.
To single ladies and gentlemen out there, it is “Single Awareness Day”.
To those in a relationship, it is “Lover’s Day”.
To sick people, it is "Another Day to be Thankful For".
To busy people, it’s just an “Ordinary Hectic Day”.
To us, it’s our “Meeting Day”. Hehehe.

By the way, since it is February and you’ll see lots of heart decors everywhere, I’ve thought of sharing our pictures with hearts. Some are obvious, and some, you’ll have to figure out...

Here you go!

Can you see the heart on Bem's painting? It is playing hide and seek with you. :)
At Pagburnayan Pottery in Vigan, even pots have hearts too.
So salty yet so sweet of Ms. Kristi. hehehe. It is one of the many times we forget it. hahaha!
Irregular heart shape formed by one of the 7 chambers of Callao Cave in Tuguegarao.

Can you see the heart? Or better yet, can you feel the love? char.. :D


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