Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mountain Biking in the City

We live in a city and we love to bike. But, is there a place to go mountain biking in the crowded city of Metro Manila where all you can see are tall buildings and people that are always in a hurry? Yes, there is. One of them is in Fort Bonifacio’s MTB Trail in Taguig.

Bem has been there a couple of times. He always tells me that it is a nice place to mountain bike since there’s a trail good for both beginners and experts. It is not just a flat surface like roads where thrill comes from the thought of biking alongside with fast cars and motorcycles and smoke belcher jeepneys and buses who always stop and wait for passengers. And the humps! Oh, we love them. :) So yesterday, we went to MTB Trail at The Fort together...

There is one for beginners so I want to give it a try. We are excited on our way going there. From Pasong Tamo in Makati, we reached our destination riding our bike. Upon reaching, Bem left his ID at the gate and we signed up in their log book. Then we go straight to the MTB Trail location. I am getting nervous while we get closer to the place. It’s my first time, I do not know what’s waiting for me. Hehe.

Time has come. We signed up, paid Php50 each for the entrance fee, and got our green stub IDs as ticket to the trail. Just a reminder, all bikers are required to wear helmet - for safety of course. And there are two colors that you need to know. The blue and the red - follow blue arrows if you are a beginner in mountain biking and red arrows if you are an expert or has knowledge and experience.

Okay. Ready... Get set... Go!

Downhill... uphill... obstacles... zigzag...
Heat... sweat... breath...
Trees... plants... green... bridge... water...

Great experience!

Coupled with good food at Kamayan? The best! Their grilled liempo and bicol express is a must try... What a delicious life!

However, due to excitement, we forgot to take photos while inside MTB trail. It should have been better if we can show you how the trail looks like. But I think it is better that way, so you can see and try it for yourself! :) Besides, we can’t take photos because we are both riding bikes. I’m still learning the ropes of mountain biking and he’s teaching me what to do when the slope is going down (downhill) and when I need to make a turn, shift gears, breaks, or when there are obstacles to go through. We forgot that one of us can get off the bike and take picture of the other one, as what we always do. Hehe.

So, here are the photos we took at the end of the trail... after I got back to my normal self. Haha!

We will definitely come back to Fort Bonifacio’s MTB Trail! Regularly? Why not!

Until then!



  1. wow! parang maganda nga dito partner. meron palang ganito sa fort? bongga! at astig din ng bikes niyo ha. san niyo nabili yan? ako, sa UP lang nagbibike. hehe

  2. partner! uu meron dun at maganda! at challenging din! hehe. lika dun tyo magbike! :)

  3. Hi bem/weng,

    would you like to exchange links? :)

  4. Hi Carlo,

    We love to! We've just added you in our blog list.


  5. Ang ganda pala dyan sa fort mag biking :) Lalo na siguro pag morning as an exercise na rin un. Akalain mo dito lang pala yan sa Manila, samantalang nung hindi ko pa nabasa eh isip ko sa probinsya yan haha! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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