Thursday, February 1, 2018

Know Your Worth

How do you measure your worth?

Are you worthy to the people around you? Are you worthy to your family and friends? Are you worthy to the company you are working for?

When you’re gone, will they miss you? Will their world turn upside down? Will you leave a black hole in their heart? Will it be a big loss if you’re gone?

Is your worth measured by the number of people who love you? By the number of your friends? Or the number of your Facebook friends, or likes, or Instagram followers maybe? Is it measured by the number of people who respects you? If so, how will you know that? Or maybe when it comes to work, is it by the amount you receive each paycheck so you can quantify?

Lots of questions... but only you can answer.

I always believe I am worthy to my family as they are to me.

I have always treasured my friends but know when to stop and when to keep a distance to those who don’t value our friendship or when people are no longer healthy for me.

I also always believe that I am important and valuable to the company I am working for. I know I have worked hard and contributed to its success. It has also helped me grow professionally and financially.

But time comes when you ask yourself, what if they leave you or don't like you anymore? How easy is it for them to replace you? What if they hire a new person with a salary that is the same as yours.. or even higher? Does that mean your experience and knowledge on your work is just the same with the new person coming in from the outside? Does that mean anyone can do what you’re doing and contributing?

I guess yes. We can be replaced anytime they want. Others can leave us in an instant without an explanation. They can block us for no reason or for reason only they can explain.

Sad.. but true. So remember, those are them. Those are just numbers. Those are what they think. Those do not define who you are.

The people and things you value won’t care as much as you care for them. So love yourself. Value yourself. That’s the only way to see your real worth. And don’t let anyone, ever, tell you how much you’re worth it. Only YOU can.

“Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you. Know your worth even if they don’t.” – Thema Davis

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